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Honolulu Woman Honored for Work at Iolani Palace

Alice Guild Alice Guild
King David Kalakaua King David Kalakaua

By Marvin Buenconsejo

(HONOLULU (KHNL) - She might be considered the "First Lady" of the renovated Iolani Palace.

For the past three-and-a half decades, Alice Guild, has devoted her time to restoring, maintaining, and preserving, Hawaii's most wondrous royal structure.

As pristine as the day she was completed back in 1882, Iolani Palace, continues to serve as a concrete reminder of a different era in HawaiI -- a time when kings and queens, ruled distinguishly over their royal subjects. Today, Iolani Palace still plays an important part of our island lifestyle.

''The palace still lives on, still plays a role in our modern society. That's what thrills me the most, says Guild. It's not a place of the past."

She joined the organization, "The Friends of Iolani Palace", during the early years -- when the state government moved into its modern building in the late 1960s, leaving a worn down palace, in need of great repair, behind.

Guild, played an active role in its restoration.

And now, can deeply appreciate the celebrations that take place on the palace grounds, such a recent King's Jubilee to honor King David Kalakaua.

''The entire palace grounds came alive for a week and everyone who attended must have experienced exactly what it was like to honor the King during this great celebration," recalls Guild.

President George Bush, recently recognized, Guild, for her three and a half decades of devotion to this historic place.

When asked why she began volunteering at Iolani palace, Guild hints at a touch of fate.

I have to say, the palace found me, 35 years ago," says Guild.

And she's been helping keep Iolani palace vibrant, and relevant, ever since.

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