New On-Site Drug Testing in Hawaii

Kyle Chock
Kyle Chock

(HONOLULU (KHNL) - A new state law makes it legal for your employer to test you for drugs right on the spot.  All it takes is a simple swab in your mouth.

The law went into effect July first. Companies across the state are getting ready to start using the rapid oral drug test.

The device looks like a pregnancy test, its not. Instead, it is a rapid drug test, one that just takes a swab in your mouth.

Kyle Chock with the Pacific Resource Partnership said, "Basically it gives employers a low cost option to drug test their workers on the job site in a quicker more time efficient manor saving them a lot of wasted time away from the job site during traditional urinalysis testing".

Most of the companies planning to use the rapid oral drug test are in the construction industry. Chock said, "I think one of the biggest concerns has been safety regardless of whatever industry you are in".

With work site testing, the results are immediate and it cuts down on time away from the job for clinic tests.

"It looks for everything from marijuana to cocaine to amphetamine methamphetamine opiates all the bad stuff", Chock added.

The rapid oral fluid test will only be used on workers who's contracts allow drug testing. The construction industry in Hawaii has been testing its workers since the mid 1980's.