Brennan Dying to Get Back on Field

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan
June Jones
June Jones

MANOA (KHNL) - It's another day on the sidelines for Warriors quarterback Colt Brennan, who's still nursing a sprained right ankle. But he expects to be ready for Saturday night's game against Charleston Southern.

The school doesn't go into too much detail on player injuries, but Brennan is officially listed as probable. And after watching for a few days, Colt says he's itching to get back on the field.

Leaning on crutches, and his foot heavily taped. It's a sight Warrior football fans cringe over, but Colt Brennan says he's okay.

"I'm feeling better," said Brennan. "Everyday the ankle gets better, the swelling goes down. little less pain, just kinda resting it enough."

Resting enough for him to return to practice on Thursday. The

Warriors policy -- no practice, no play. And this downtime for the trigger man in the nation's number one passing offense is all in the plan.

"Just staying off it as much as he can," said head coach June Jones. "We'll see how it is tomorrow."

"i'm dying to get out there," said Brennan. "There's such a routine in football, and a lot of my success the last two years is because i was consistantly never hurt, so i was always practicing."

"I don't wanna lose that."

Brennan is preparing like he will play this weekend. He isn't expected to finish the game, but that doesn't mean the run and shoot will be in trouble.

"Tyler can play," said Jones, about backup quarterback Tyler Graunke. "He'll get some time this week hopefully, after we get it going."

"Coach jones says it, and I agree with it, 'If we worry about ourselves, we'll be all right," said Brennan. "So, the next couple days, we worry about ourselves, and on Saturday we'll worry about ourselves, and we should be fine."

19th-ranked Warriors are huge favorites over 1-AA Charleston Southern.

But hawaii says they're treating the Cucs like appalachian state -- the 1-AA team who beat 5th ranked Michigan a few weeks ago.