Mililani Community Cautious Following Attempted Kidnapping

Courtney Cook
Courtney Cook

MILILANI (KHNL) - The Mililani High School principal warned students to be cautious and use the buddy system following this recent incident involving a female student and a male suspect.

The mood among female students, parents, and school officials is somewhat tense following Monday's attempted kidnapping. Senior Courtney Cook explains, "The principal told us there was a guy who tried to grab a girl she got away."

A man approached a teen walking to school along Anania Drive and started up a conversation.

Then he tried to push her into a hedge. She got a good look at him and helped police come up with this sketch.

This is the second incident involving a Mililani High School student this year.

Back in April, a man tried to entice a student sitting at a bus stop in front of the school to get into his car. Police released this sketch of the suspect.

School officials are urging students like Cook to be cautious. "But he told us to be careful and being so close to school we should still us a buddy system and stay with friends."

Courtney Cook doesn't have a buddy since no other students are off at the same time. Still she promised her grandmother she'd be careful, "I'm always looking around now looking in the bushes to be safe. I'm not really worried about it cuz I think I can defend myself if anything but I'm still cautious."

There were several police cars around the school so it looks like police are actively keeping a obvious presence in the area.