Kalihi Residents Unaware Sex Offender Moved into Neighborhood

Robert Carton in 2000
Robert Carton in 2000
Arvin Fuentes
Arvin Fuentes

KALIHI (KHNL) -- How well does Hawaii's sex offender registry work? Some people in Kalihi say they had no idea a convicted sex offender had moved into their neighborhood.

Hawaii's sex offender registry lists an Ewa Beach address for Robert Carton. But for the past nine months, the convicted sex offender has been living at a home on Kamehameha IV Road in Kalihi.

"He came to me last December," Arvin Fuentes, the suspect's caregiver, said. "He is a sex offender like, ooh, scared. I never know. Nobody told me."

Investigators with the state attorney general's office and Honolulu police converged on the house Tuesday, and arrested the 74-year-old on suspicion of failing to comply with registry requirements.

"I just surprised 'cause they told me he's the sex offender," Fuentes said.

Investigators describe him as a pedophile.

"I'm scared 'cause my house is close to the school," Fuentes said. "And I have one young son."

Dole Middle School is located about 100 yards from the home.

"He like young kids. But not boy, (he likes) girl," Fuentes said. "He always sit outside, wait for them like in the morning going to school and going home like after school."

It's noted on the sex offender registry that Carton's information may not be current.  According to the website, there are more than 600 non-compliant offenders statewide.

"I'm just worried," Fuentes said.

Carton was located during a joint investigation by the AG's office and Honolulu police.  His bail is set at $11,000.