Ferry Fodder

With yet more discussion, rulings, debate and concern about the Superferry sure to follow in the weeks and months ahead, let's look at some of the human aspects.  Assuming that an environmental report of some sort does get done in a very expeditious manner, and assuming this ship can sail and those opposed are ultimately appeased, did anyone ever think of the other benefits?

What about those people who are afraid of flying?  What about those people who simply don't fit into tight airline seats, and thus don't fly?  What about those people who are disabled in some way, who would much more easily be able to enjoy travel on such a ship?  What about people who have never seen the islands from  the ocean?  And I mean local people, going to and from each island, not out-of-state visitors.  Having said that, the real concerns about native species being sucked up and the possible blatant disregard for a more pastoral way of life came to light in the wayward attempt by some rocks-in-the-brain people who attempted to move large quantities of rocks from Maui to Oahu on an early voyage, which never transpired.  Not a helpful move in the grand scheme of things, was it?  There will need to be serious and vigilant monitoring.

Of course, if the ferry is forced to sit idly for a few more weeks, it will make a voyage into the ocean. And that voyage will be to its new port of call--not here. And with it will go a lot of local people's hope that they, too, might find a new means to get from island to island.  Think About It.