Regarding Drug Testing, The Eyes Don't Lie

Stace Kubota
Stace Kubota

KALIHI (KHNL) - A drug user may try to hide their habit, but a close look at their eyes may show otherwise.

Studies show drug testing of the pupil is highly effective.

The eyes don't lie. So federal probation officers are conducting a study using a pupil-ometer, a device that scans your eye.

This booth is a futuristic capsule used to keep recovering drug users clean.

Stace Kubota with U.S. Probations explains, "An offender would actually input his probation number."

Under a pilot program, federal probation officers can keep tabs on those on probation for drug offenses. "This actually has a drug screen device where the offender comes to the station and the officer can actually do a drug test from the control center," commetns Kubota.

Here's how it works. This booth serves as a one stop kiosk for probation officers.

No cheating allowed. You can't fool this machine says Kubota, it has your fingerprint in it's memory bank. "The scan of the fingerprint is matched up with the number of the probationer."

Once the identity is confirmed you look into the mask. "The drug screening is done by a pupil-ometer where the computer scans your pupil," directs Kubota.

If the pupil indicates drug use, the probation officer determines whether a traditional drug screen of urine or blood is necessary.

Those involved in the pilot program will study the test results and make changes accordingly. The first unit will likely go to Maui.