Few Try Out Honolulu's New Ferry Service

Gladys Wai
Gladys Wai
Melvin Kaku
Melvin Kaku
Tiffany Garrett
Tiffany Garrett

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  The city's latest effort to ease Honolulu's traffic problems turned out to be as expected Monday.

TheBoat ferry service from Kalaeloa to Aloha Tower, launched on time.

But, there were a few bumps, along the way. The curious and the daring woke up a little earlier than usual to give the city's latest anti-gridlock weapon a try.

It's land counterpart, TheBus dropped off a few dozen passengers for the maiden voyage of The Boat.

The route runs from Kalaeloa Harbor to Honolulu Harbor in about an hour.

''I hope this makes a big difference because the buses are real crowded," said Ewa Beach resident Gladys Wai.  "In this way, one hour, I'd rather take the boat if I have to work downtown."

'I'm very encouraged there," said Melvin Kaku, Director of Transportation Services.  "This is the first of hopefully many successful rides. We're anticipating the ridership increasing as time goes on."

They loaded'em up.

And once out of the safety of the harbor, passengers received a quick reminder...this is a boat.

''It's crazy. It's like a roller coaster, yet not," said Kapolei resident Tiffany Garrett.   "The bus is overcrowded, a lot of us can't really do our work and here you have so much room, where you can do work."

Hitting the books, isn't the only fringe benefit.

For folks who want to get some work done on you laptop, there are a number of outlets on the ferry. And starting next, they're going to provide Wi-Fi, so you can surf the net, as you commute to work.

As promised, the commute is less than an hour.

For $2 or the showing of your bus pass, you can bypass all that bumper-to-bumper while feeling that much closer to nature.