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Ready to Rumble

Mark Kurano Mark Kurano

By Reid Shimizu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Mark Kurano lives a life, much like anyone else.

A father of two with a nine-to-five job.

Only there was something missing.

"I know some people are content," he said, "You know nice meal, sit down and watch the sunset everyday. i don't think i'm at that point yet, I still feel like there's things i want to do and this is one of them and i'm very happy to have the opportunity."

The opportunity he's referring too, comes tomorrow night.

The 38-year old judo instructor makes his Mixed Martial Arts debut at the Blaisdell Arena versus Jose Diaz.

However Kurano says the biggest obstacle to overcome has come outside of the ring.

"The biggest respect I have right now are for fighters that do have families and balance it off," he said, "Because its like a light switch. You come in here and you have to be intense and then you go back home and you have your son or daughter wanting to tell you about school. That has been the hardest part, switching it off and on and I have done so but man its the biggest drain more than running, more than dieting, more than training, that has been the biggest challenge."

Win, lose or draw, Kurano says this is it, so says his boss.

"I'm going to have to say this is my one and only fight, why? Because my wife is watching right now," Mark said, "Now maybe when you turn the camera off and you ask me later that may change but definitely this is my last fight but we'll see how it goes."

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