Judge Orders New Report on Whether Tantalus Murder Suspect is Fit for Trial

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- An Oahu judge on Friday ordered a new written report on whether Tantalus triple murder suspect Adam Mau is mentally fit to stand trial.

A panel of three mental health experts earlier determined the defendant was fit to proceed. But Friday, defense attorneys told the judge the doctors received more information on Mau, and their opinions have changed.

Mau is accused of fatally shooting a cab driver and a Kapahulu couple at a Tantalus lookout in July of last year. He's also charged with tying up three people during a home invasion shortly after.

"This is not a stunt or a game, but the duty that counsel has to inform the court when we have a good faith belief that our client is not fit for trial," Brook Hart, defense attorney, said.

"We ask the court to hire experts. We ask the court to pay those experts," Peter Carlisle, Honolulu prosecutor, said. "And we do that so that they can come up with an independent evaluation."

Prosecutors say the new information came from the defense's own experts.

The judge says he'll allow a re-examination of Mau, and will set a hearing date once a new report is completed.