Reigning Monarch

Kama Bailey
Kama Bailey

KALIHI (KHNL)- To Damien's Kama Bailey, a football play is like a blue print.

Build it and he will run.

"I guess in 8th grade I used to like doing my woodshop and creating things," Bailey said, "Just build something, build something out of nothing. I just want to have fun my high school career, this is my last year so do whatever i can, just have fun and get the most out of it."

The Monarchs magic man is a master of making the impossible, possible.

Just four games into the season, Damien's one man wrecking crew has over 700 yards rushing with 7 touchdowns.

But the gridiron wizard knows all it takes is one bad play, and it can all disappear.

"Because if you get hurt you know, you're done," he said, "You have to know what you want to do without football."

Damien Head Coach, Brian Derby says Bailey's running full speed ahead both on and off the gridiron.

"His thinking is for school," Derby said, "If he can play football at that school then great, if he can go to school and get an education better yet."

For now, Bailey's content to run over opponents on his way to the endzone.

But its where he hopes to run off to in the future, that has him excited about the possibilities.

"If football is there then i will definitely play football," he said, "I of course want to go into education and get an architecture degree. I know I just wanted to use football and work hard towards my studies and see what i can go with that."