Choppers Intrude Restricted Airspace

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  Two helicopters violated the temporary no-fly-zone Thursday morning.  One was a marine chopper,  the other was a civilian.

According to the FAA, the marine corps CH-53 delta medium lift helicopter was flying south of Oahu where the air force Thunderbirds flight demonstration team were conducting flight operations.

The FAA says, the Thunderbird pilots had visual contact with the helicopter during the time it was in the area and there was never any danger to the aircraft or civilians on the ground.

A Marine corps spokesperson says steps are being taken to ensure there is no repeat of this incident.

The civilian pilot also flew through the airspace but the FAA says it just skirted the zone and barely violated the restrictions.  The FAA does not have any information on who the pilot was.

Both incident happened in the morning session.