State Cleans Up Housing Dump Site

William William
William William

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The state started cleaning up an illegal dump site discovered at a Kalihi public housing project. It also launched an investigation into who is responsible for the mess.

The state seemed unaware of the problem until local environmental watchdog Carroll Cox pointed it out.

Despite attempts to clean up part of the debris, much of it remains.

At the front entrance to Kuhio Park Terrace, residents and guests are greeted by piles of garbage. "They dumped the trash over here." says Resident William William, "This place they are going to make storage what is this area for."

State housing officials say this fenced off area is a storage site. Rusty containers store building materials for K-P-T and Kalihi Valley Homes. Ksme Sos is appalled, "I don't like the containers. They block the way. This road is dirty, if they move the containers it would be more like a place for the people who live here. "

On Wednesday when we checked, this is what we found. Now some of it is gone.

A welcome cleanup according to Sos, "Yeah I'm happy so the place can be clean and no more dump things around the place. It's supposed to be clean. It's going to be clean that's why. That's the reason it's going to be clean that's why."

Residents say they'd like to see anything but a storage area. "The park for the kids and also parking lot if can," concludes WIlliam.

State housing officials say a complete cleanup will take time. They still need to hire a tow truck to take away broken down vehicles.