Accused Pet Pig Killer Wants To Dump Lawyer

Aaron O'Brien
Aaron O'Brien

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- He's accused of killing a beloved pet pig named Porky. And now, Joseph Calarruda believes his lawyer isn't doing a good enough job at his trial.

Joseph Calarruda isn't happy with his public defender, Travis Stephens.

"I was told that certain evidence was a key factor to prove my innocence of this case," the defendant said. "And it hasn't been talked about. It hasn't been brought up."

But the judge continues with the trial.

Prosecutors say the pig hunter went to Aaron O'Brien's lychee farm without permission last October, and killed six-year-old Porky. O'Brien says his 300-pound pet was affectionate, and could respond to verbal commands.

"Who's hungry," he described one command.

"And would he respond?" the prosecutor asked.

"He would come running," O'Brien testified.

The defense says it's a case of mistaken identity, and that Calarruda was never on the farm. But O'Brien identifies him as the hunter who attacked another pig on the property a few weeks earlier.

"It was pretty mangled from the hunting dogs," O'Brien said about the other pig. "And it had been stabbed."

On day two of the trial, the defendant stands up multiple times to complain about his attorney.

"Mr. Calarruda, I'll give you an opportunity again," the judge said.

"When the jury's not here?" Calarruda asked. "I want them to see this. I'm being misrepresentated (sic)."

"Mr. Calarruda, please sit down," the judge said.

If convicted of livestock theft, Calarruda faces up to five years in prison. The trial continues Friday.