Find the Way

Aloha United Way has kicked off yet another annual campaign.  If you take just a few minutes, you, too, can make your pledge at work, and its painless.  Talk to your employer about payroll deduction, and it automatically comes out of your paycheck and goes to AUW.  $ 2, $ 5, $ 10 a paycheck, maybe an insignificant amount to some, but just imagine if an extra 10,000 or 20,000 local residents used this means to help the cause.

AUW's mission is to provide leadership to bring people together to create a healthier, more compassionate community.  AUW asks "how can we help?" and over 70,000 donors join in to help provide support and services throughout our islands.  But what if AUW had 80,000, or 90,000 donors?  Again, even five-bucks a paycheck would make a huge dent in some of the issues, problems, and programs that AUW funds directly in our community.

And if your workplace does not work directly with AUW, call AUW up yourself--t's a quick and painless way to give back every month.  Who wins?  We all do, and you can make a difference in Hawaii through a simple inexpensive action.  You choose how much feels right for you; it's your call.  Think About It.