UH-Manoa Increases Security

Dan Suthers
Dan Suthers
Gaylene Anderson
Gaylene Anderson

MANOA (KHNL) - After another round of break-ins, the University of Hawaii at Manoa will step up security by putting Honolulu police officers on patrol.

While many were remembering the events of 9/11, burglars were busy at UH-Manoa.

"I just came home and there was broken glass, people had gotten in through the window," said Dan Suthers, a burglary victim.

It is one of two break-ins at Manoa.  The criminals got away with jewelry and other items at the faculty housing condominiums on Lowrey Avenue.

"People see Manoa as a place where there are things to steal cause people are better off here," added Suthers.

But this latest rash of rip-offs is nothing new, says those who live in the University's faculty housing.

"In the six and a half years that I've been here, I know of 10 people who have things stolen," said Gaylene Anderson, a member of the UH faculty.

The break-ins are the latest crimes to hit the Manoa campus.

An attack and burglaries at the Hale Aloha Towers, prompted doors to be tested and fixed so keys work properly.  And the school is also setting up 24-hour reception operations, which would check for students' IDs.

Now, UH will add evening patrols around the campus by undercover HPD officers.  The new security details will take place from dusk to dawn each night.

Having the officers on site, the school said, will not only add security but they will be able to response rapidly to any on-campus emergency.  Giving students peace of mind in Manoa, where crime has been a subject many have been talking about this semester.

"I feel safe already but the increase in security will make me feel even safer," said Allen Higa, a freshman student.

The new security patrol by undercover HPD officers will begin Sunday, September 15.