Man Pleads Guilty To Stealing Salvation Army Donations

Chris Van Marter
Chris Van Marter

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A former Salvation Army employee stands before an Oahu judge and admits he pocketed donations made to the charitable organization.

A man with a history of defrauding the elderly prepares to throw in the towel in his latest case.

"The alleged conduct, in our mind, is extremely serious," Chris Van Marter, deputy prosecutor, said.

Prosecutors say Timothy Janusz stole more than $300,000 while working at the Salvation Army headquarters in Manoa. The victims are four elderly people who thought their money was going to the charitable organization's programs.

"They're between 72 and 87 years old. These are people who grew up in a different era. They're very trusting," Van Marter said. "And Mr. Janusz is a person with a legal education, an accounting background, and he can be very persuasive."

Prosecutors say he was previously sentenced to six years in prison for stealing $2 million from an elderly couple on the mainland.

"We now require more extensive background checks, criminal checks, credit checks," Maj. Jeffrey Martin, Salvation Army, said.

"Guilty, your honor," the defendant told the judge.

With tears forming in his eyes, Janusz pleads guilty to 12 counts, including theft, money laundering and forgery.

Martin says people continue to believe in the Salvation Army and its programs.

"I think that's been proven to be true for us," he said. "Donations have even increased over this past year."

Prosecutors say Janusz has a pending escape charge in South Dakota.

His sentencing in the Salvation Army case is set for November 26th.