Safeguarding Servers and Networks

(KHNL) Honolulu - Because of natural disasters like Hurricane Iniki or acts of terrorism like 9/11, many have taken steps to safeguard their safety.

But there is also increasing interest in safeguarding critical information for island businesses.

Its filled with modern security safeguards like iris recognition scanners and high tech surveillance along with steel doors protecting the entrance to this man made fortress.

But its not vaults of money being safeguarded behind locked doors or even precious gems, instead its computers of island businesses being guarded. "They need to safeguard their computers in order to protect the data and protect operations." says Rosa White, of DRFortress.

Protect business operations of hotels, airlines and banks from interruptions of man made disasters like 9/11, natural disasters like Hurricane Iniki or even more common mishaps like power outages.

"If the state's infrastructure is down and there is a power outage, we have the power infrastructure here to keep a business going." adds White.

Business is booming for secure server sites like DRFortress, as companies need locations to house high tech equipment and keep them safe from disasters.

This business doubled in size over the past year, adding more room for more high tech computers, servers and networks.

Its not just island companies using a secure site to safeguard against disaster, the City and County of Honolulu Civil Defense will also put in a backup system at the secure storage site.

"In the event the communications systems go down for Civil Defense they can use our facility and turn right up immediately." says White.

Island businesses aren't the only ones that could be impacted during a disaster. Internet users whose systems are not routed thru secure sites, could be stopped from

getting on the information superhighway when a problem strikes in the future.