Copper Conclusion

A copper thief got five years in prison for his copper caper; perhaps this sentence will begin to deter other strip-miners who think that stealing and re-selling copper is a good game plan. Lights are out, gutters are down, it's just not a good situation, and it's a costly issue for cities and schools when valuable materials disappear.

Actually, five years behind metal--but not copper bars is a heck of a lot better than electrocution, which has happened to would-be thieves on the mainland.  Now that's a stiff price to pay, pardon the pun.  Whenever sentencing is handed down, based on the perceived merits of the crime, society holds its collective breath to some degree and hopes that other wanna-bes simply back off, and perhaps find another way to make ends meet.

Cutting copper cables and chopping corrugation is a cop out, a crude crime that causes consternation for all.  It's nice to see that crooks who get caught will apparently get criminal time for their acts by serving in the big house for a long time.  Hopefully, that will cause others to really Think About It.