Talking Trash and Recycling

Joe Crimando
Joe Crimando

(KHNL) Hawaii Kai - A pilot recycling program will be started in Mililani and Hawaii Kai.

A month and a half before the project is slated to begin, residents had a chance to voice their concerns in East Oahu.

Many in Hawaii Kai are used to their twice weekly trash pickup, and they're concerned the new curbside recycling program will change that. But that's exactly what the pilot program is designed to do.

They're talking trash in East Oahu. But not necessarily talking trash about the city's recycling program that starts next month. "Its a good idea but I don't think it will work here." says Hawaii Kai resident, Sam Sato.

Some give the green light to this green project that alternates picking up green waste or recyclables each week, instead of regular trash pickup. "I think it's a good idea, especially if we are able to pick up green waste every week, that would help us out." says Joe Crimando, of Hawaii Kai.

But unlike in Mililani, where residents can pay to keep their twice weekly trash service, residents in Hawaii Kai don't have that option. "I think the best of both worlds would be if you need extra pick up , you could pay for it." suggests Gloria Suguitan.

The city says by forcing people to cut back on their garbage, it helps force them to recycle. But they also add, if you still end up with too much trash - "You can get an additional grey bin, but we'll monitor to make sure you're recycling all you can. And sorting out all you can to those two other recycle bins" says the City's Recycling Coordinator, Suzanne Jones.

Hawaii Kai residents were shown what plastics you can recycle and what you can't, causing confusion among the crowd. But its not the only topic that left some wondering. "What about the refund? I don't think its gonna work, cause people who are saving containers, they do it for the refund." says Sato.

City workers say you can use curbside recycling for everything but the hi-5 bottles and cans and continue taking these to get your cash back. But they add, if those items are included in the curbside pickups, the money generated by 5 cent refunds will go to pay for the project.