Exclusive Video: Police Storm Recycling Companies Accused of Copper Law Violations

KALIHI (KHNL) -- A two-month Honolulu police investigation wraps up with officers storming two recycling companies accused of copper law violations. One of the two people arrested is already awaiting sentencing for the same crime.

KHNL News 8 is the only news team there as the raids go down.

Kyung Hee Chon of Aiea Recycling is once again in the back of a police car, accused of accepting copper without following Hawaii's scrap metal law.

"Again with Aiea Recycling," Maj. Kurt Kendro, Honolulu Police Department, said. "That's tremendously disappointing."

In July, the 44-year-old pleaded no contest to attempted theft and copper law violations. She asked the judge for a deferral, which would mean she could wipe her record clean if she stays out of further trouble.

But on Monday, officers storm her workplace on Dillingham Boulevard, as well as Okuda Metal on Kahai Street. Neighbors are stunned, as police arrest 62-year-old Etsuko Okuda.

"Very quiet and unassuming," Allan San Juan, neighboring worker, said about Okuda. "Somebody very, somebody who pays attention to the law. So that's why that part is surprising."

"Both of the females were arrested for not, for accepting copper without the proper paperwork, either the notarized statement or without having a receipt for the copper," Kendro said.

Police say undercover officers, armed with copper, visited all 11 metal recyclers on Oahu to see if they're following the new law's more stringent requirements. Investigators say Aiea Recycling and Okuda Metal failed to do so on two separate occasions.

"It affects me as a private citizen," San Juan said. "So I want these guys caught. If it means that we have to go through to the people who are paying for it, then I guess we gotta go that far."

Chon and Okuda were immediately charged, and are free on bail. They're set to appear at District Court October 1st.

The decision on Chon's deferral request for her other case is scheduled for October 15th.