Condos Won't Get Curbside Recycling

Tommy Samora
Tommy Samora

HAWAII KAI -- (KHNL) Soon, recycling will be as easy as separating, and "taking it to the curb" for many Hawaii Kai and Mililani residents. But, for condominium dwellers, it might not be that easy. When the pilot curbside recycling program is rolled out in late October, most condominiums won't be included, since most utilize private refuse systems. Some condo owners are already doing something about that.

Although these Hawaii Kai residents live in one of the pilot areas for the new curbside recycling program, nothing will change here.

"I think it should be implemented to all of us, it should be made affordable for all of us to do, its good for the environment, its good for the public, its good for the kids too," said Naniwa Resident Manager Tommy Samora.

At Naniwa Gardens, the residents have taken it upon themselves to develop their own recycling program, and they say its simple.

"So that's all we need to do, is take it downstairs," said resident Ruth Rhodes.

Volunteers take these recyclables to a nearby station, and factor the profits back into their association. paying their private refuse collector to collect recyclables would be very costly.

"It costs a lot of money to have it done, that's why a lot of people don't do it," said Rhodes.

Some condo owners say they feel left out of the curbside recycling program, but Ruth Rhodes says she prefers this system.

"Well, because this is very convenient and our manager is terrific and the staff is terrific, everything is emptied out on a regular basis and its working out just fine. Rather than just tossing it out in the trash bin, there's somebody that can do something else with it."

The city will help condos out with some recycling services, but individual associations must take the first steps to organize, and make a request.