Ownership of Problem Tree is a Talk Story Investigation

Aiea (KHNL) - An Aiea tree threatens to block a central Oahu stream that's prone to flooding. And area residents can't figure out who's responsible for the menacing tree.

A family searching for answers about who owns the property and the dangerous tree along the stream calls our talk story line for help.

The giant tree branch is about to break off into Waiau stream.  If that happens, "I'm concerned if a tree falls into the riverbed it can cause flooding, we had flooding back in '79 and the last time during 40 days of rain," Marc Armodia said.  "What happened was it did flood a little. Came up three feet in the back because of some trees that fell into the stream. "

"The tree is about to split that branch right there that could fall into the river causing a daming effect, a daming effect and water would rise in this whole area."

The City says the property is not theirs. And a check of the taxmap key reveals little clues. A resident of this Newtown subdivision says the land may be a common area owned the Newtown developers. The stream is dry now.

But, "When the rain is falling in the mountain areas we are not able to see, we hear the effects of the riverbed rain, roaring rushing water coming down," worries Terri Armodia.  "Twice [we] had to actually evacuate, the police have come here."

She has fears of flooding over the next few months.

"When the rainy season does come up we are looking at December, January that's when it really starts to rain. We really want to be safe."

We were not able to get a hold of the Newtown property managers. We'll check back with them regarding the ownership of the parcel of land.