Mystery Odor Leaves Several Sick

Gloria Laguana
Gloria Laguana
Captain Robert Main
Captain Robert Main

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - A strange odor hovering around a barber shop in Waipahu leaves three people feeling nauseous.

"We smelled this thing, it was like poisoned, rotten eggs and they said it was some kind of foam like. They don't know if it was coming from the bakery so we all started getting dizzy and sleepy," says Gloria Laguana, an employee at the barber shop.

Paramedics treated three people with oxygen. They immediately felt better and refused further treatment. For safety, firefighters evacuated the entire strip mall.

"We supposed to be busy Sundays so what are we going to do? We get order then plenty you know?" says Gina Song, an employee at Gina's BBQ.

Firefighters tried to zero in on the smell and ventilate it, but the odor would not go away, until Hazmat arrived.

"Hazmat came and checked to see if they could detect anything on their meters. The meters came up negative for anything and the smell had dissipated," says Captain Robert Main with the Honolulu Fire Department.

Investigators could not identify the odor, but they have their suspicions.

"It could be actually a floor drain that had water dried up in it and then the gas would back up through that," says Main.

With the odor gone, firefighters re-opened the strip mall within a few hours. The barber shop shut down for the day.