President Bush Meets With Hawaii's Injured Soldiers

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- During his pit-stop in Honolulu, President Bush met with 33 wounded soldiers in private -- 32 injured in Iraq, one injured in Afghanistan.

After speaking with them at the Enlisted Club on Hickam Air Force Base, Mr. Bush addressed the current state of the war on terrorism.

President Bush came out of the meeting encouraged.

"Every time I have the opportunity to meet people who have sacrificed on the behalf of the security, I'm amazed at their spirit and their resolve," he said.

The President said that spirit, despite the toll its taking on our troops, reaffirms his stance on the war in Iraq.

"No question there's still hard work to do," he said.  "But my resolve is as strong as it's ever been. I believe we're doing the right thing there for the security of the country and the peace of the world."

With Hawaii's leaders by his side, the President then headed to Pearl Harbor for a private luncheon at the home of Admiral Timothy Keating, Head of the United States Pacific Command.

As the President returned to Hickam Air Force Base, troops stood by waiting, hoping to meet the leader of a cause they're fighting for.

"Unique opportunity to see the President up close and personal," said Jeremiah Boenisch, an Air Force airman.  "It'll be the first time we've seen him this close, shake his hand."

President Bush said goodbye to soldiers personally before boarding back on Air Force One to prepare for Congress's upcoming political fight over Iraq.

On Monday, Chief U.S. Commander General David Petraeus will deliver his congressional testimony on the status of the Iraq War.

President Bush said he will talk about a way forward after that report.