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Lei for Your Luggage

By Angela Keen

(KHNL) - Take a look the next time you are at the airport and see if you notice some colorful luggage ties at the baggage claim.  You know, the ones that help you find your suitcase among all the other similar dark colored bags. 

A former News 8 news anchor, Barbara Wallace invented luggage ties that sport a colorful aloha pattern.  Now the product is so popular, local stores cannot keep up with the sales.

They are colorful, clever, and scream Hawaii. Barbara Wallace invented the island style luggage tags.  It all happened when she needed a luggage strap for a trip and she couldn't find what she wanted.

"I wanted a luggage strap that said, I'm from Hawaii because I am proud of that you know", Wallace said.

It took several prototypes, and then she came up with a creation that worked.  She named her luggage strap invention, "Island Ties". 

Wallace added, "So I came up with a way to do velcro so it has a double velcro so it's not going to break.  It's an island ties original no one else has done this we have a patent pend on that and then I put the ID tag on top of that so it is an all in one product."

Her hope is to spread a little aloha across the world through these ties from Hawaii. 

"I'm really proud of it, it's been a long, long process but I am really happy with the way it turned out it's really beautiful and it just shouts Hawaii and that I'm from Hawaii. Or, I've been there for a visitor." she said.

She plans to take the profits and give back to those in need.

"My plan is to give a lot of the profits away", Wallace said.

Good luck finding them, they are so popular that local stores are selling out of this lei for your luggage.  If they aren't sold out, you can find them at local K-Mart stores, Don Quijote, Longs Drugs, and the Navy Exchange.

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