New Crosswalk Countdown Timers Installed in Waipahu

Scott Ishikawa
Scott Ishikawa

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - It'll now be a little safer for people walking along the main road through Waipahu. That's because nearly 70 countdown timers have been installed at nine intersections on Farrington Highway.

This is actually not part of that controversial pedestrian safety bill that just passed this legislative session. It is part of the improvements by the state department of transportation.

"It's gonna cut down on the guessing game for pedestrians on how long they have to cross," said Scott Ishikawa, of the State Department of Transportation.

The improvements run from Leoku Street, near Waipahu Town Center, to Kahualii Street, right in front of Waipahu High School.

"Yeah, get plenty traffic, always backed up," said one student.

"Get choke kids walking, so more safer now cause they know when for walk," said another student.

The timers give pedestrians at least 15-seconds to cross the side streets, and at least 30 for crossing Farrington Highway.

"For us younger people, it's kinda good, but for the older people, they might need a little more time to walk down here," said Samantha Arios.

"What we don't want is people crossing when there's 3 seconds left on the countdown timer," said Ishikawa. "We rather them wait for the next signal, so they can safely cross the street."

These timers make that clear, but officials know it doesn't necessarily mean an end to pedestrian accidents in this area.

"It still comes down to the human aspect," said Ishikawa. "If drivers and pedestrians don't watch out for each other, all these improvements aren't gonna matter."

In the near future, Ishikawa says the DOT plans to add countdown timers at intersections along Ala Moana Boulevard. That'll happen after they finish re-paving work there.