Half of Elevators Broken At Kalihi Highrise

Robert Kreusling
Robert Kreusling

KALIHI (KHNL) - This is a follow-up report on a Talk Story segment we brought you last month about elevator problems at Kuhio Park Terrace.

Last month State Housing Authority officials said they expected elevators to be working at KPT by now. But we checked Thursday and out of six elevators, only three are working.

With only one elevator working in Building B people pour out, then crowd back in.

Resident Dolores Miller comments, "We have to cramp inside one elevator and have to wait a while before we come back down. Everybody has got to go up to their floor, has got to make another trip and sometime people wait half hour to get into the elevator."

KPT residents like Robert Kreusling are losing patience with the elevator problems.

"The thing is always breaking down on the people, having a hard time coming back downstairs, have to wait for elevator repairman to fix it. Sometimes takes long time."

The stairs are out of the question for those with wheel chairs, shopping carts and strollers. "It's a struggle for single parents, any parent to carry a child in a stroller up so many flights and it's pretty steep."

The state plans to fix one and install a brand new one. "I hope they fix it for everybody to be happy, a lot of people like me have a hard time going back and forth," admits Kreusling.

Parts are on order and repairs take time. So residents simply wait.

The installation of that brand new elevator in Building B could take up to two years.