War Words

Here's a way that you can help our efforts overseas--in Iraq, in Afghanistan.  I know, everyone has his or her opinion of whether we should be over there, what we hope to gain, when it will occur, at what cost.  But one thing is for sure.  There are men and women over there who are doing their jobs, jobs that could be perilous and confusing.  But they don't have to feel alone; they don't have to feel empty at times, and you can help.

Get in touch with families of those deployed or touch base with a nearby military facility in Hawaii, and see what you can send over to help make the foreign land a little less foreign.  Videotapes of local news or UH sports, a DVD you've seen and no longer need, a paperback book that would help shorten the long nights abroad, a bag of mochi crunch, toys for local kids there, or even a short personal note sounds nice.  You can make a difference, even a little one, by just taking the time to give something to make their plight a little less difficult, by providing a little bit of that human connection we all need, especially when we are so far from home, in a tough situation.

Operation Uplift is one way of helping out--and you can check it out by calling any local military base.  These people are performing their jobs.  And you can actually help to make that job a little less chaotic, a little less lonesome.  Act now, don't just think about it.