Local Cookie Company Brings Smiles to Customers, Employees

Michelle Kane
Michelle Kane

EWA BEACH (KHNL) -- If you've never tried Sugar Mill Cookies, there's a good reason to, and it has nothing to do with satisfying that sweet tooth. This local company gives back by allowing others to make a difference.

These employees spread aloha with each box of cookies they pack. They're part of a new partnership between Sugar Mill Cookies and Easter Seals Hawaii.

"It's very creative work and you get a lot of instant satisfaction," said Dan Schat, CEO of Sugar Mill Cookies.

His family has been in the baking industry for nearly a 150 years. As his business grew, so did his need for help. That's when he turned to Easter Seals Hawaii.

"So we sat down; we met," said Michelle Kane, program manager for Easter Seals Hawaii's Ewa Adult Day Health Program. "We talked to the individuals that we're supporting here, and said, 'Is that something you're interested in?' They said, 'Sure. Bring it on!'"

Schat said it's a win-win situation. He gets to keep up with demand, and hires people who want to make a difference.

So I can expand because they have many people that love doing this," said Schat. "It's good for them and it's very good for me."

And that love shines through in every employee's face.

"Getting people to smile and be happy and to feel they are needed," said Schat.

This is an important part of what the Easter Seals is trying to accomplish.

"I think something that everybody wants is a quality of life and anything we can do to provide that opportunity for them is a good thing," said Kane.

An opportunity to make a contribution, and spread aloha with locally-made cookies.

KHNL and K-Five also have a partnership with Hawaii Easter Seals. A TV special features celebrity chefs and some amazing children. It's called "Chef du Jour: A Special Evening for Special Kids." It airs Thursday night at 7 pm on KHNL, and again on Sunday at 9 pm.

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