City Kicks Off Curbside Recycling Program

John Hightower
John Hightower

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The City and County of Honolulu's new motto is, "Don't Dump On Hawaii, Sort It Out." Now a new bi-monthly curbside recycling program will be tested.

It's called a mixed recycling program. You can toss in cans, cardboard, glass and plastic. All to cut down on what goes to the city dump.

City rubbish collectors will swing by and scoop it up. But Hawaii Kai resident John Hightower is concerned his trash will only be picked up once a week. His family of four easily fills up their trash can twice a week.

Hightower explains his health concerns, "In seven days it may be uncomfortable, the smell, there will probably be an overflow of any one can in seven days."

Three years ago the City tried curbside recycling in Mililani. But the program failed due to a dispute with unionized trash collectors.

And now many people like to recycle on their own. Hightower earns on average of ten dollars a month. "I take the cans and bottles down to Reynolds recycling for little bit of cash, can be for your lunch or gas or anything. "

Under the proposed plan there would be one garbage pick-up and one can of recycled items picked up once a week in Hawaii Kai.

In Mililani if you want a second garbage pick-up you'll have to pay for it. Ten dollars a month.

"For us to have to pay an additional charge for them to pick up another one not really sure that would be right or not because people living here they do it twice a week for us already," says Hightower.

The fee offset's the cost of the bins and the disposal. This pilot program is expected to be evaluated over the next year and then it could go City-wide.