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More Law Enforcement Wanted at Heeia Boat Harbor

Gary Madrid Gary Madrid

By Beth Hillyer

KANEOHE (KHNL)- There are calls tonight for more law enforcement following the labor day brawl at the sand bar.

Boaters beaten up and slashed with beer bottles are recovering today.

Now many say the situation at the sandbar is out of control.

Fists flying, heads held underwater, victims slashed with broken beer bottles

Witnesses were caught in the middle.

Three people were hospitalized.

Some express frustration enforcememnt officers didn't arrest anyone.

Today boaters are still talking about it.

"First time i heard of that out there, they should have more enforcement out there," Gary Madrid, a boater.

"That's only way get that many people into a brawl must have had a big gang that's out there,"Martin Estavillo, a boater.

Windward Oahu Senator Clayton Hee supports tougher laws at the sandbar.

"The fish and game people advised me last night the laws don't have teeth governing the overindulgence of alcohol on public places in the ocean like the laws that govern alcohol at places like Ala Moana Beach or Diamond Head Crater," Hee says.









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