Coast Guard Extends Security Zones on Kauai

HONOLULU -- (KHNL) The "People for the Preservation of Kaua'i" is made up of Kauai citizens worried about social and environmental impacts of the Superferry. They certainly aren't the only protesters, but say they feel threatened by the coast guards announcement of expanded security zones.

Last week, these protester risked their lives, stopping the Supperferry from docking at Nawiliwili Harbor.

But, with the Coast Guard's new security zones, when the Superferry does return, these protesters will be confined to a "demonstration area." Some protesters took the news as a threat.

"Because the Coast Guard also said they were bringing in additional manpower, additional equipment, and would use whatever force necessary to keep the harbor open and allows the ferry to come in," said Rich Hoeppner, President of the People for the Preservation of Kauai.

The Coast Guard clearing the way for the Superferry, before the State's Supreme Court ruling is announced has them frustrated and upset.

"You can support the supreme court decision and support Hawaii Revised Statute 343, and make one phone call to Mr. Garibaldi and tell him that you are not going to support the ferry coming in until the environmental assessment is complete."

Also upset with the Coast Guard's increased security zones are yacht and canoe clubs. While security zones are in effect, they wont be able to use the harbor at all.

"Sailboats cant be out there, nobody can be south of that line, or they're subject to arrest."

The People for the Preservation of Kauai are working with attorney's and other groups to file a temporary restraining order, to keep the ferry away from Kauai until the state's Supreme Court decision to get an environmental assessment is complete.