Labor day is an interesting concept, a day that reminds us about work, and what did most of us do--we took the day off.  Work is something most people do for most of their adult lives, and for some people that "adult life" starts as young as 14 or 15 years old.  Work should always be thought of as what you do, and not who you are.  Sometimes, we have a tendency to overlook life as it moves around us, because we get too caught up in the 8 or 10 or 12 hours a day we put into work, or thinking about work, or driving to and from work.

Everyone needs a vacation, mental or physical, and thus Labor Day should remind us to get our priorities in order, find outlets that let us unwind or just have fun, and focus a bit on the rest of life.  Your work should be enjoyable for the most part, or it's time to look at working somewhere else or doing something else.  If you have a bad relationship going on and you really do care, you fix it, or sometimes you have to move on.  Same with work...

Your attitude at work probably affects your home life, just like stuff at home probably impacts your attitude at work.  And yes, just like personal relationships, jobs are hard at times; that's why they call it work, that's why it's known as labor.  Make the most of it; make the most of everything you do.  Now that will work.  Think About It.