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Killer Colt

Colt Brennan Colt Brennan

By Reid Shimizu

MANOA (KHNL)- Call it a no brainer decision.

Colt Brennan, WAC Offensive Player of the Week, and well the numbers speak for themselves.

Completing 34 of 40 pass attempts, for 416 yards and six touchdowns.

Broke or tied five school records, and didn't even break a sweat in the second half.

"I wasn't really paying attention, i was just back in the rhythm and so that's got to be a good thing," Brennan said, "As long as i don't focus on stats and records and stuff like that i should have a good year throwing a lot of touchdowns and having good numbers."

Talk about setting new standards for insane statistical figures.

"You know i didn't know he was having those numbers while it was happening," Hawaii Head Coach June Jones said, "He's pretty accurate, there's no question about that."

There is no question, when it comes to offensive firepower, the 2007 Warriors are stacked.

But as Colt quickly pointed out, its just one game down and 11 more to go.

"Potentially what we can be as a football team is got to be pretty intimidating out there but we just got to keep working hard, we're not there yet, we can't think that we're they're yet." Brennan said, "We beat a team we were supposed to be so i think these next couple of weeks will really determine how good we're going to be so its too early in the season to start patting ourselves on the back."

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