Working on Fun in the Sun on Labor Day

Travis Kimura
Travis Kimura

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - Labor Day, of course, means an extended weekend and more fun in the sun. Those who had the day off Monday took full advantage of our beautiful weather, and flocked to our parks and beaches.

Folks may have the day off this Labor Day, but they were busy working at Ala Moana Beach. A little boy worked on his balance, while getting a surfing lesson.

Two young girls, with snorkeling gear in hand, were on a mission to see some beautiful sea life. And Brandy McCallum enjoyed the view, working on something very important.

"Just tanning on the beach and we're going to barbecue after and just hang out in the sun," said the Kahaluu resident.

She was grateful for the day off, and happy she wasn't stuck inside.

"I would be working at my job right now, sitting with the AC and wishing I was at the beach right now," said McCallum.

She joins thousands who flocked to Ala Moana Beach Park.

But it's not Labor Day without good food, and people from Hawaii know how to eat.

Folks like Travis Kimura.

"What you got cooking here?" asked KHNL.

"I have shrimp, mushrooms, corn, porcini sausage, zucchini and clams," said Kimura.

He was in charge of cooking while his family went for a swim. He said the day off is also good for students like himself.

"It's pretty good to get a break from homework and stuff," said Kimura.

And a break from work is also pretty nice.

"It's good," said McCallum. "I'm lucky that my job offers me to have the holidays off and I don't have to work, so I can just relax and have fun with everyone."

Having fun and enjoying the best of Hawaii on this Labor Day.

This holiday means the end of summer, and those who had the day off, said it was a much needed break from their hectic schedules.