Free Day of Yoga 2007

HONOLULU - (KHNL) This Labor Day Monday was also "Free Day of Yoga 2007." Many yoga and pilates studios throughout Oahu offered free classes to students.

An employee of the yoga inspired apparel company, Lululemon, came up with the idea. She says its all about creating a sense of community and exposing more people to the benefits of yoga.

Keely Bruns is a Community Leader with Lululemon. She's the reason most of these new yoga students are here.

"We thought Honolulu really had a hole in their community of yoga followers and we thought it would be a great way to open up the market to new yogi's," said Bruns.

So, they worked with local instructors to offer free classes at a handful of studios on Oahu.

"Unfortunately, you know I have to make a living, so I have to charge for it sometimes. But today was a day we felt like giving back to the community and everyone in the community," said Mary Bastien.

Yoga instructor Mary Bastien and co-owner of "Open Space Yoga" says the health benefits of yoga are endless.

"A longer life, a more beneficial life, a healthier life, really being able to experience life in the present moment."

But, its not just about the health benefits.

"Really its about creating a sort of community in hawaii because so many people live here for two years and then they leave and everything kinda feels displaced no family so its about creating that kind of community here."

She's sure that today's students will be back.

"You have to try it. Once you try yoga once, I guarantee you're coming back."