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Bathroom Construction Stalled At Kaaawa Beach Park

Richard Herlandiz Richard Herlandiz
Jassica Hauck Jassica Hauck

By Beth Hillyer

KAAAWA (KHNL) - A viewer called our talk story line questioning why the brand new bathrooms built at Kaaawa Beach aren't open. Beach goers like Richard Herlandiz relax on this Labor Day weekend, "Because of the long weekend we want to enjoy the beach. It's just beautiful as you can see the place is crowded."

They swim in the refreshing water along the Windward side. Families set up tents with all the comforts of home except bathrooms. These porta potties are in pretty bad shape.

Jassica Hauck explains, "Nobody wants to come to the beach and use a porta potty it's so unsanitary."

Herlandiz adds, "Why is it taking so long, that's everybody's question. It's been two years to complete a little spot like this The parking lot was fully assembled, completely together now it's been tore up again. I don't know what the problem with the pipes might have been or what's happening. I thought they were almost complete. It's been a couple weeks since I been down here now and it's dug up I really don't know what it is dug it up for."

Jassica Hauck says back in January the bathroom was nearly done.

"The construction worker told me all they had to do was finish the tile and they would open the park. It's September and it's still closed. I don't know what the holdup is."

Neighborhood Board Members say the septic system didn't meet specifications standards set by the Department of Health. It needs to be replaced.

Hauck concludes, "My plea would be to the contractors please hurry and open the bathroom because it's obviously inconvenient for moms and for kids ."

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