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Honolulu (KHNL)-"My family's from the Leeward side and at a young age we moved back to the mainland so nobody really looked like me where I was from. So having Hawaiian blood just associated me with hula girl.

First thing I learned was hula dancing because my mother was a hula and Tahitian dancer. People just started calling me Hula Girl at a young age and it just carried over.

I have an island girl vibe, Southern girl vibe, Pussycat Doll vibe, mama's girl vibe.

I think the beaches on the West Side are beautiful. I really like Yokz. I have a lot of good memories from Yokz of me and my cousins there.

Then I ran into the reef at Keaulanas - Nanakuli representin' - and I got a big scar from it. Starts here, I don't know if you can see um. Goes all the way down to there.

I'm moving my mom and dad back here pretty soon. This year. TO be with her mom and sisters and brothers.

I'm going to come out with a perfume. I still have to figure out the name but it's going to be something beautiful exotic, and Hawaiian, and it's going to smell like Hawaiian flowers like puakenikeni.

It's going to be inspired by Hawaiian jewelry and get like plumerias and pretty things like that."