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UH Football Fans Celebrate Season Opener with Easy Victory

Leona Wright, Warrior fan Leona Wright, Warrior fan
Kyle Thurmond, Warrior fan Kyle Thurmond, Warrior fan
David Schulwitz, UH senior David Schulwitz, UH senior

By: Mari-Ela David

ALOHA STADIUM (KHNL) - The Warriors make a strong statement in their first game of the season, a game many were waiting for. Colt Brennan led his troops to victory Saturday night at Aloha Stadium with thousands on hand.

This season's opener didn't have the same competitive appeal as in the past. Last year, the Warriors faced Alabama. The year before was USC.

This year's match against Northern Colorado is what some call a no-brain win. Still, UH fans didn't think twice about coming out to cheer the Warriors on.

Any pre-season grumblings over the University of Hawaii's failure to secure a big-name opponent for the Warrior's season opener seems to have disappeared in a sea of green and black.

"If you're a fan and if you want to be here, you'll be here no matter what, no matter what the team is, who they're playing, that's what fans do yeah? They support no matter what," says Warrior fan Leona Wright.

Aloha Stadium estimates that a crowd of 30,000 people poured in to watch the game against the Bears, a match sports analysts have called an easy victory for UH.

"Colorado might not be the best team but we saw what happened with Michigan and Appalachian State earlier today, so you can't always underestimate people," says Warrior fan Kyle Thurmond.

For some fans it's not about witnessing a win or a loss, it's about continuing a UH tradition.

"This is like a family event that we usually do annually and when it's done we're like, what do we do?" says Wright.

"Even if I wasn't a student I would still be here just because I believe in school pride and I think Hawaii is definitely Hawaii's team since we don't have an NFL team, so I think we should all be here to support them," says UH Manoa Senior, David Schulwitz.

And if the size of the crowd is any indication of what kind of support UH's football team has, the Warriors not only have scored a victory out on the field but also in the stands.

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