Woman Who Bought Ecstasy From Then-College Athlete Sentenced

Dana Ishibashi
Dana Ishibashi

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- An admitted Ecstasy dealer, who cooperated with federal investigators by ratting on her supplier, was sentenced Friday. Krystle Kido says then-Hawaii Pacific University softball player Kellie Nishikida provided the drugs that she sold at a military base on Oahu.

Supported by family members, Krystle Kido, wearing all black, gets ready to close an embarrassing chapter in her life.

"She realizes that what she was doing was not helpful to our community," Dana Ishibashi, defense attorney, said.

She admits she was part of an Ecstasy ring that included Kellie Nishikida, who was a softball standout at Hawaii Pacific University at the time.

"It's flowing freely in some of the nightclubs," Ishibashi said. "And a lot of times when they start it, they're young. They're naive and, you know, they just get into it."

Prosecutors say Kido and her co-defendants began dealing the drug at Schofield Barracks. The judge called that "reprehensible."

"She realizes that during this time of our young men and women going off to war conditions that it's not a good thing or healthy thing for her to have been contributing to something that is on the negative side of the equation," Ishibashi said.

Kido is sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours of community service. For the next six months, she'll be allowed to attend her college classes during the day, but will be confined to her home at night.

"She's a very young woman, and the first time she's been in any trouble," Ishibashi said. "She feels very terribly about it."

Prosecutors say co-defendant Jade Dixon also received probation. Natasha Hanson and Nishikida are awaiting sentencing.