Prosecutors Want TROs To Have More Teeth

Nanci Kreidman
Nanci Kreidman
Peter Carlisle
Peter Carlisle

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A man accused of stabbing his estranged wife Tuesday appears before an Oahu judge Thursday morning. Prosecutors say David Tautua carried out the attack despite a restraining order against him.

A man accused of ignoring a protective order is protected by his attorney, who shields him from our news camera.

Investigators say 43-year-old David Tautua stabbed his wife, Gina, in the neck. He's charged with attempted murder.

"It's distressing and it's a reminder," Nanci Kreidman, Domestic Violence Clearinghouse, said. "I mean, we always look at incidents of violence as reminders about the importance of us staying alert."

Gina Tautua had petitioned for a protective order, which took effect last month.

Prosecutors want the Legislature to give restraining orders more teeth by increasing prison terms for violators.

"One, it's a deterrent," Peter Carlisle, Honolulu Prosecutor, said. "And two, it gets this particular person in jail, away from the person that they hurt, for a longer period of time."

Carlisle wants stiffer penalties for those who kill, assault or threaten people who have restraining orders against them.

"That's going to show a societal intolerance for that type of behavior," he said.

Tautua's bail is set at $50,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.

"We need the system -- law enforcement, courts, prosecutors, providers, programs -- to all be working together to say to a person who violates an order this is not acceptable," Kreidman said.

The House didn't consider the Senate bill that deals with restraining orders during the 2007 Legislative session. The measure is expected to come up again next session.