Kickoff Kudos

As this Saturday will see the debut of the most highly-anticipated UH football team ever, perhaps now is the last chance we will all have to catch our collective breaths and simply acknowledge how nice the accolades are, how wonderful it would be if the team does play as well as we hope for, and how silly it is to be sitting around wondering who our BCS opponent will be when we end up going undefeated.  Yes, idle chatter and top 25 rankings and rabid fans' dreams are fun, but please, let's not do the old "woe is me" wave if this group of kids ends up 10-2 or even 9-3.  Just enjoy the ride.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

And speaking of giving props, is there anyone who gives more to the UH programs and local charities, often with nothing in return, than Don and Marion Murphy?  These two benefactors give up unbelievable amounts of time and effort with their single restaurant putting on functions and providing food for UH events, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, and countless local charities.  They band together paid help and volunteers and always do it first-class, humble as ever.  And you know what?  The food and ambience down there at Murphy's on Merchant Street is great--even on regular dining days!

So to Murph and June Jones and Colt Brennan and all of the boys, here's to a rewarding and fulfilling season.  May your hard work always pay off in positive results and lessons learned. Think About It.