DLNR to Reopen Kula Forest Reserve

WAILUKI, Maui (KHNL) - The Department of Land and Natural Resources will reopen the Kula Forest Reserve to the public on Saturday, September 1.   Polipoli Springs State Park will also reopen on that date.

The forest was closed earlier this year after a wildfire burned more than 2,300 acres of land.

"The public is invited to once again enjoy recreational activities, such as hiking and hunting in these areas, keeping in mind that while the forest is beginning to recover, burned areas are still fragile, and for that safety, it is manadatory that they stay on the trails and roads," said Laura Thielen, DLNR interim chairperson.

Since the fire was declared controlled, DLNR crews worked for months to remove about 800 downed or fallen hazard trees.