Volunteer Overcomes Disabilities to Contribute for Visitors

Bob Lainau
Bob Lainau
Sisco Welch
Sisco Welch

WAIMEA (KHNL) - Volunteers, at the revitalized "Waimea Valley Audubon Center" help keep the lush nature preserve tidy and safe for visitors.

There's one volunteer there who overcomes severe physical and mental disablilites, to make his contribution to the place he loves.

Come rain or, as on this day, shine, Sisco Welch, hits the numerous trails along the Waimea Valley.

He's been volunteering here for the last three years.

His smile is now as recognizable as some of the native fauna, and birds.

"Sisco's amazing. He's one of those guys, when you first meet him, his smile just lights you up," said Bob Lainau of Waimea Valley Audubon Center.

''I think it's beautiful when the sun is out," said Welch.

Volunteers, here in the valley, are crucial providing thousands of hours of labor each year.

Sisco, is one of the stars.

"One of the things Sisco is well suited for is a position called Na Po'e Kokua, which means people helper. He goes up through the valley and he reports back on what he sees. He's our eyes and our ears up in our valley."

''There's the edges. So, you have to be very careful," said Welch.

Yes, he's wheelchair bound and then some.

But, Sisco won't let it stop him from making this meaningful contribution.

''I really like this job," said Welch.

''He's been dealt some tough cards that you and I probably wouldn't want to get and the way he plays them out is just amazing."