Local Filmmaker Featured On You Tube Benefits The Troops

Mikey Inouye
Mikey Inouye

(KHNL) - When a Hawaii filmmaker challenged the You Tube community to help support the troops, the response has been amazing. It's all for a good cause. The challenge is simple.

All you need is a jar and a desire to help troops seriously injured in the war.

In his video Inouye says, "Hey there changemakers. It's day three of the Obscenity of War Project and I hope you have started filling up your jars. "

22-year-old Mikey Inouye's video is featured as the first You Tube user-run charity group.

"A charitable organization that builds adapted homes for our disabled soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine how many people we could help if all of us on You Tube banded together to serve a common cause. But Mikey I'm small and powerless," states Inouye.

His online campaign to support the troops is a hit. Make that 120,000 hits to his site.

"You Tubers from all over will be filling up swear jars like this one with loose change for the next couple of weeks."

Inouye's reminds everyone there's a deadline on the donations, "On September 11th it's called changemakers day."

Add up the cash and donate it to Homes For Our Troops. Other videos feature changemakers and their jars.

When interviewed about the success of his site, "Yeah I am really surprised at the donation response which has been great ever since it's been featured."

Nearing $4000, his goal is $10,000. Changemakers unite online.

Inouye believes, "We can collectively mobilize towards a common cause that can change the real world not the insulated world of You Tube. "

If you want to be a changemaker you can visit Inouye's site to donate.

He says the project has been a learning experience and the best lesson is that he discovered the online community is capable of rallying together to help people in need.

To see more of his clips, click on the You Tube link.

He's featured on the front page.