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Colt Brennan Generating Plenty of Buzz

(KHNL) -  As we draw even closer to Hawaii's season opener against Northern Colorado this Saturday, Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan, continues to gain more and more attention from the national media.

Colt's name came up in a debate on who's the best QB in college football.

"Well I'm going out to the WAC and Colt Brennan and I say that because he's going to put up insane numbers and drop six thousand plus on people," said Chris Spielman.  "The other thing about Colt is his leadership ability off the field, remember when he spoke out about Hawaii's facilities, it wasn't June that spoke out about how bad the facilities were it was Colt Brennan that said hey, if we want to be a big time program, we need some big time facilities."

"The one thing I was going to say about Brennan is I think he has to overcome that label that Timmy Chang had to deal with, that's being a system guy," said Kirk Herbstreit.  "And everyone you talk to says he's much more than that, that he can potentially be one of the top quarterbacks taken in the draft, so he'll have that opportunity and I think he has a chance to end in New York City at the Heisman Ceremony."

But Colt can't complete those passes on his back.

Meaning, it'll be up to the guys up front, to keep Brennan on his feet.

And this season, the Hawaii offensive line will have big shoes to fill.

Three pairs to be excact.

Gone to the NFL are last year's starters, Samson Satele, Tala Esera and Dane Uperesa.

But new group says they're ready, with a goal to keep Brennan's jersey, sparkling clean.

"He's right behind us, so everybody making sure nobody touches him, hey that's our goal too, nobody is touching him," said Warrior offensive lineman, Keith Ah Soon. "From day one to the end, nobody is touching him.

"Colt is going to be awesome this year and we'll do our best to keep him going and injury free," said John Estes, Warrior offensive. "He believes in us and we believe in him so our offense should be awesome this year."

And the countdown to kick off against Northern Colorado.

Just four days away.

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