Body Boarder Comes Face to Face with Shark

Randy Honebrink
Randy Honebrink

KAAAWA (KHNL) - A teenage boy looking to have some fun in the surf, instead, ends up at the hospital needing stitches after a run-in with a shark.

It happened Tuesday afternoon, about 400 yards offshore north of Ka'aawa near the Crouching Lion.

The State Department of Land and Natural Resources says the 15-year-old was body boarding with friends at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

"He had been paddling out, he turned to face his friends when he felt something slice his foot by his right heel. He had looked behind him and saw his fin inside the mouth of a shark," said Randy Honebrink of Shark Task Force.

The teenager says he then kicked what appeared to be a 12-foot-long tiger shark and it swam away.

DLNR officials say he suffered a laceration that required up to seven stitches.