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Stranded Superferry Passengers on Kauai Lost in the Shuffle

Barbara Hara Barbara Hara

By Leland Kim

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tuesday's late-breaking developments mean passengers already on Kauai will be stranded for at least another day.

Some have been stuck on Kauai since Sunday, and that's the piece, some say, is missing. In the midst of the legal battle between the two sides, one Superferry passenger said she and her family have been lost in the shuffle.

Angry protestors on Kauai, doing their best to stop the Superferry from docking on Sunday, as stuck passengers waited.

"My daughter was very concerned. She was worried that the protestors were going to get on," said Barbara Hara, who was on the Superferry's inaugural trip to Kauai.

From the ship, she saw protestors on the pier, and on surfboards trying to block its entry to port. Her emotions evolved as the protest continued.

"It went from understanding to anger because it really delayed everything for us," said Hara.

And that anger turned to fear as protestors confronted passengers, banging on cars, and even letting the air out of tires. The coast guard and Kauai police could not control the situation.

"You know, I really strongly do not feel that they did an adequate job because they did know the Superferry was coming in," said Hara. "They should have secured the harbor much sooner than they did that day."

While Hara is home safe, her brother and his car are still stuck on Kauai.

"I think a lot of people have forgotten about the people that are actually stranded on Kauai," she said.

Hara said Superferry officials have been helpful in trying to get her brother home.

A much different response from the one she received when she contacted state officials.

"But when I called the other governmental agencies, they all basically told me that it's not their problem; it's the Superferry's problem," Hara said.

A problem that has now become Hawaii's problem.

Superferry officials said they will do everything they can to bring Hara's brother and other passengers to their home ports as soon as possible.

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