Superferry Protestors, Passengers Clash on Oahu

Ikaika Hussey
Ikaika Hussey

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Protestors rally at the entrance to the superferry along Nimitz Highway. Ikaika Hussey who opposes the ferry says, "If you look at the board of directors of the Superferry it's former military and developers and they have a particular vision for what Hawaii should be like. They want Maui to be like Oahu and everyone who has been to Oahu knows that is not a good idea. "

Environmentalists fear for marine animals. Protestor Pono Kealoha adds, "These ferry's are meant for a high speed it's slice and dice."

Hussey believes the ferry brings other environmental issues. "Primarily you are talking about the impact to an island which doesn't want to be urbanized the way Oahu is urbanized substantial environmental impacts, traffic, health."

Also at the pier, disappointed ticket holders who were ready to board, then turned away. They clashed with protestors.

Linda Lorne drove in from the North Shore, "I don't think the Superferry to the outer islands is going to hit a turtle, a whale, a seal, or anything and they have guaranteed that the emissions are proper and environmentally safe so I think the hoopla is maybe the people on Kauai just don't want the traffic."

James Castillo and his wife had their s-u-v packed with golf clubs and tennis racquets."We are very, very frustrated. Probably gonna spend few thousand dollars on our vacatIon there. They should be thankful for the Superferry."

Leilani Naone drove in from Nanakuli with the grandkids and drives home disappointed, "Very happy to have the ferry, it's for us the local people as much as the tourists."